Sunday Short Haul

At the end of May 2024, we hosted another Sunday Short Haul on the VATSIM network. Just under 30 BAV pilots flew first from Gatwick to Jersey, before heading up to RAF Stornoway in Scotland. As with most BAV events, the number of aircraft flying into the destination led to a large amount of congestion on the ground, and the events team spent a day prior to the event coordinating parking areas with slot times. As ever, we were operating out of some very interesting airfields, with adverse weather conditions and unprecedented traffic creating an incredibly engaging and enjoyable environment where even the most seasoned pilots found themselves tested. Like many BAVirtual pilots, I flew the event using shared cockpit software with a fellow member. The experience isn’t like anything any other VA or many other VATSIM events can really provide, as the professionalism and, in many cases, real-world expertise are rather unique to BAV.


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