A virtual career without limits

Lacking purpose when simming? Google not making you a better pilot anymore? Want to fly to the same standards our real-world counterparts do? Then BAVirtual is for you!

Why BAVirtual?

We are amongst the oldest virtual airlines on VATSIM, giving over 1000 virtual pilots a unique set of resources to take their sim experience to the next level.

It’s what we’ve been doing for over 20 years, ever since we launched back in 2000. In that time, over 2 million hours of flight have been logged by our virtual pilots.

BAVirtual can proudly say that we are the only virtual airline providing VATSIM accredited training in a shared cockpit enviroment. Also, we are the only British Airways virtual airline to provide realistic documentation for our pilots, ensuring our community operates at the highest standards while flying online. This dedication to immersion is down to one thing: our people.

We know a great community can only flourish when dedication and passion is applied. That is why the best come to us.

Welcome to BAVirtual.

How Does It Work?

BAVirtual provides the knowledge, technical resources and environment for you to fly to the standards of our real-world counterpart. Using our booking system, you can book real world and historic flights to receive an authentic flight plan. Our in-house ACARS system will track that flight, monitor your performance, and log the flight in your virtual log book. If you deviate from the flying standards expected, the flight will be flagged and potentially removed from your log.

We have a rank system and management roles to progress through, providing members with virtual career goals and aspirations. As a VA, we always aim to reward a pilot’s hours of flying, adherance to safe flying standards and service to the airline. However, if you want to keep it casual and remain at the same level, you can do that too!

On top of exploring the vast network of destinations in your sim, and reaching personal goals, you can also take advantage of our VATSIM accredited training courses and Airbus line training. This is a great way to ensure you are flying at the best standards possible.

Even if all that isn’t enough, there is 1000 plus like-minded members to socialise and fly with. We have a very active Discord server and online forum full of information, discussions, and sim goodies like liveries and mods.

What do I need?

At BAVirtual we are looking for virtual pilots who have a passion for realism, an urge to constantly learn, and a dedication to flying at high standards while representing BAVirtual.

While we don’t expect you to have enough aviation knowledge to get through ground school, there is an entry exam which tests your aptitude in the field. This has been designed to ensure the virtual pilots who join already have a basic understanding of aviation and will be able to learn and follow the FCOM (Flight Crew Operating Manual) for their chosen aircraft.

If you are still in the early days of learning your sim and are only just getting to grips of handling an aircraft, understanding the terminology, talking to ATC, etc… then BAVirtual can also be a great home for your development. With friendly staff and members there to answer any questions and assist you into becoming a competent virtual pilot. Ensuring you don’t form any bad habits or have any misconceptions from early on.

BAVirtual prides itself on being a professional environment. While there is a time and place for fun and off-topic conversations within our social forums, we have tried to foster a feeling of competency and expertise within the organisation as a whole. New members are expected to operate as such.

We require new members to familiarise themselves with the membership policies before applying. You can find these by following the link below.

Technical Requirements

  • MSFS, XP11/12 or P3D
  • A powerful enough Windows PC
  • One or more aircraft from the BAV fleet

Membership Team

At BAVirtual we want our members to feel supported. That is why we have a dedicated membership team to provide assistance where needed, as well as ensuring our values of respect, protection and professionalism are upheld.

Apply Today.


Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our members say:


Senior First Officer

It’s a friendly community where you can share the fun of flight simming with other like-minded people.


Senior First Officer

Ever since I have joined BAVirtual, I have learnt so much and met extraordinary people with a true passion to aviation and flight simming.



Since joining BAV, I have grown enormously as a virtual aviator. The extent of the training and documentation is unparalleled by any other VA. The dedication and expertise shown by its training team is incredible, there is nothing like it.