Our Fleets

BAVirtual emulates the operations of all our real-world counterpart’s subsidiaries. You
can fly any route or aircraft operated by any fleet listed below. A member must join one of the below fleets, but they are not restricted to only flying routes from their chosen fleet. The purpose of fleets is so that each member has a chief pilot directly above them.


Operating out of Heathrow with a mixture of short-haul and long-haul options, this fleet is our most popular.


The bread and butter of our long-haul ops, flying internationally out of Heathrow & Gatwick, this fleet is a world star.


A fleet of Airbus A320 aircraft serving some of the most popular EU destinations from London Gatwick.


Our regional jet operator, serving the cities of Europe from London City Airport & Southampton.

Fleet Facts

BAVirtual gets to operate one of the largest and most modern fleets of any
virtual airline on VATSIM.

Here is the list of available aircraft from all fleets.

You can also experience over 100 years of British aviation history by flying our historic aircraft and routes.