We have a dedicated team to keep our mainline schedules up to date and inline with the real schedules

Custom ACARS

We track all our flights with our in-house developed ACARS tool called Merlin

Training Team

Our Training Team consists of aviation professionals, pilots and hobbyists and they are always on hand to help


We use our own software, and integrate with Simbrief to provide a free flight planning system to all

Established in 2000, BAVirtual is Virtual Airline which has a membership of 1250 virtual pilots. These members include aspiring teenagers, active and retired airline captains, and flight simulation enthusiasts alike. It is a voluntary, not-for-profit organisation, that fulfills a role to provide a structured, hands-on educational environment for aspiring pilots that accurately mimics the operations of British Airways.

Through partnership with the global Virtual Air Traffic Simulation Network (VATSIM), BAVirtual provides an environment where individuals can learn about the principles of flying for an airline to a fairly advanced level, using commercially available software to create a simulated 'virtual airspace' that is identical in navigational terms to the real world. This highly realistic system acts as a 'knowledge gateway' for aspiring pilots, by allowing them to assimilate some of the more challenging aspects of airline flying but in a relaxed and pressure free environment.

It is also a very active community where people can discuss aviation related matters, enjoy flight simulation and just generally have fun.


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Why Join Us?

Our members have said

"BAV has been my home since late 2001! Thanks to a handful of amazing people at this VA, I have been able to move my experience of airline flying forward in a way I never thought possible. It's an honour to be a member"

"I have been flying in BAV for 5 years and have always been amazed by the constant search for reality. Also to welcome people from all over the world among their pilots, they have my admiration"

"I can honestly say that BAVirtual has been perhaps one of the most professional, dynamic and enjoyable virtual airline experiences in my virtual aviation career, which spans 15 plus years"

VA Partnerships

VATSIM is an online community created for enthusiasts of flight simulation and air traffic control. One of the main goals of VATSIM is to create an environment which is fun and, at the same time, an educational and realistic simulation of procedures followed by pilots and air traffic controllers everyday around the world. We are partnered with VATSIM as both an Affiliated Virtual Airline and Authorised Training Organisation