Below are the current list of members who contribute to the smooth running of British Airways Virtual.

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Some staff members do not have an external email address, and should be contacted by members only via the Forum if necessary.

Photo of Graham Young
Graham Young (BAW1)
Chief Executive Officer
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Photo of John Barnes
John Barnes (BAW7)
Assistant CEO
Photo of Tom Moseley
Tom Moseley (BAW9)
Director of Human Resources
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Photo of Florian Harms
Florian Harms (BAW4)
Director of Operations
Photo of Alan Hunter
Alan Hunter (BAW5)
Technical Director
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Dan Parkin has no photo
Dan Parkin (BAW19)
Director of Training
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Iain Sealey has no photo
Iain Sealey (BAW14)
Scheduling Manager
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Davyd Catt has no photo
Davyd Catt (BAW691)
World Cargo Manager
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Andy Buckley has no photo
Andy Buckley (BAW580)
Assistant World Cargo Manager
Ralf Wawrzyniak has no photo
Ralf Wawrzyniak (BAW414)
Assistant World Cargo Manager
Photo of Ian Abel
Ian Abel (BAW488)
Classic Fleet Manager
Photo of Roger Hanson
Roger Hanson (BAW179)
Flight Club Coordinator
Photo of Ian Oak-Rhind
Ian Oak-Rhind (BAW501)
Human Resources Assistant
Photo of Diego Pedraglio
Diego Pedraglio (BAW550)
Airbus Chief Pilot
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Photo of Daniel Edwards
Daniel Edwards (BAW78)
B737 Chief Pilot
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Photo of Emmanuel Calef
Emmanuel Calef (BAW82)
B747 Chief Pilot
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Photo of James Webster
James Webster (BAW63)
B767 Chief Pilot
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Iain Sealey has no photo
Iain Sealey (BAW14)
B777 Chief Pilot
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Photo of Michael Penson
Michael Penson (BAW417)
Concorde Chief Pilot
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Photo of Morten Steen
Morten Steen (BAW749)
MD11 Chief Pilot
Contact Morten Steen
Photo of Mark Richards
Mark Richards (BAW158)
Regional Jets Chief Pilot
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Photo of Chris Marriott
Chris Marriott (BAW759)
Airbus Training Captain
Photo of Yuri Nosovets
Yuri Nosovets (BAW514)
Airbus Training Captain
Photo of Tom McHowat
Tom McHowat (BAW864)
B737 Training Captain
Photo of Brendan Farmer
Brendan Farmer (BAW1032)
B737 Training Captain
Photo of Antony McGarr
Antony McGarr (BAW12)
B737 Training Captain
Photo of Robert Shepherd
Robert Shepherd (BAW386)
B747 Training Captain
Photo of Eugeniusz Chadaj
Eugeniusz Chadaj (BAW729)
B767 Training Captain
Photo of Michael Higginson
Michael Higginson (BAW56)
B767 Training Captain
Photo of Neil Warman
Neil Warman (BAW1014)
B777 Training Captain
Photo of Alex Macdonald
Alex Macdonald (BAW58)
B777 Training Captain
Steve Foster has no photo
Steve Foster (BAW181)
Concorde Training Captain
Photo of Kevin Hall
Kevin Hall (BAW849)
MD11 Training Captain
Photo of Robert Helton
Robert Helton (BAW394)
Regional Jets Training Captain
Chris Siegrist has no photo
Chris Siegrist (BAW302)
Airways News Editor
Photo of Neel Patel
Neel Patel (BAW371)
Airways Images Editor
Photo of Brendan Farmer
Brendan Farmer (BAW1032)
Airways Reviews Editor