Welcome to the home of BAVirtual. BAVirtual is a VIRTUAL AIRLINE for users of FS2004 (FS9), FSX or FSX Steam Edition. Our philosophy is to ensure realism, as much as is possible within the confines of Flight Simulator. BAVirtual has a strong online presence within both the IVAO and VATSIM online Air Traffic Control Services. We foster a strong sense of community through our forums and Group Flight events.

Our software clients and utilities have been developed specifically for us, so if you are seeking a strong sense of realism, and purpose, within your FS Environment, then this is most likely the place for you. If you wish to apply, head to the Administration Section of the site.

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OVN 18

British Airways Virtual is proud to present the first major OverNighter Fly-In Event for 2015 - OverNighter 18 - Nairobi, Kenya to London Heathrow. Visit event section of forums for more information.
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