Honorary Members

This section of the website is dedicated to former members who provided an outstanding contribution to BAVirtual over the years. Without their hard work and dedication to the hobby, BAVirtual would not be here today in its present form.

Jonathan Gorse - formerly BAW009

Jonathan was instrumental in securing our meetings with BA to form what was our legal agreement with the airline in 2003.
The whole process took a couple of years to complete, and this was the proudest moment of our history.

Ferry van Aesch - formerly BAW006

Ferry was the brainchild of the flight systems behind BAVII.
1000's of man hours went into providing BAVirtual with the famous BAV ACARS and OSP systems.
Ferry was also briefly CEO for a time, before stepping down in 2008.
A great friend as well as a colleague, his knowledge in programming is second to none.

Tim Brown - formerly BAW005

Tim Brown was appointed Flight School Training Captain for the former Speedbird Online Website - then part of BAVirtual - in September 2001. For those newer members, Speedbird Online was the vehicle used to promote and train BAV members in the skills required for Online flying. Between 2001 and 2008 Tim worked tirelessly in his training role, giving up hundreds of hours of Instruction time to those without the confidence or skill to take the step into online flying. In the early days this was no mean task. Everyone was on a dial-up internet connection with disconnections a frequent occurrence. Tim had infinite patience and succesfully trained several hundred members between the ages of 16 and 75! When he took up the role, the percentage of BAV members flying online stood at 26%, but when he finished in 2008 it stood at 76%! Much of this increase was due to Tim's dedication to his task and his desire to 'put something back' into a hobby which gave him much pleasure.

Tim joined the Board of Directors at BAV in 2008 as Director of Human Relations.

Tim retired from BAVirtual in early in 2010.

Thank you Tim!

In Memoriam

Robin Walker - formerly BAW003

Robin was our former Human Resources Director and diligently served BAV for many years.
A great contributor to the forums and helpful to all our new members, Robin sadly passed away on the 1st of October 2007.
In honour of his service to BAVirtual, BAW003 will always remain his.

Shelly Johnson - formerly BAW974

Shelly was one of our few female simulator pilots. Shelly lived in Colorado Springs in the State of Colorado, USA and joined BAVirtual in April 2008. Flying the 747-400 on VATSIM, she attained the Rank of Senior Captain, amassing nearly 7700 hours before she was tragically killed by a drunk driver one terrible night in 2009. Shelly was 32 and leaves a son.

Shelly, may your light forever shine in the virtual skies of heaven. Rest In Peace.

Chris Beck - formerly BAW791

Chris joined BAVirtual in March of 2007 and hails from the city of Manchester in the UK. Chris ultimately lived in Liverpool where he enjoyed the retired life in the city made famous by The Beatles. Chris's mother was an American who lived in Santa Ana, California where she passed away some years ago. Despite living in the UK, Chris loved the United States.

Chris flew his last flight on Saturday 2nd October, before his sudden passing on Sunday 3rd October at the age of 54, having flown 18 flights totalling 225074 nautical miles and racking up a massive 578 hours flying for us.

Chris leaves a wife, Dawn and has a Grandson aged 12.

May he rest in peace and have clear skies. Chris, you are cleared for takeoff with no speed restriction sir!