Experience Points

BAVirtual operates an Experience points system, which rewards pilots for achieving certain criteria during their flight.
This system is constantly being updated to include new additions to further enhance your BAV experience.
Listed below is the CURRENT points allocation. This list will be updated at regular intervals and members will be notified of major changes via the forum.

Stars & Experience Points

Where your rank gives information about your knowledge and abilities, your stars illustrate your experience as a BAVirtual pilot.
You earn them with every flight you complete and with every rank you advance.
A full breakdown of points awarded for your flight is available on your Flight Profile page.

150 points 150 points
500 points 500 points
1000 points 1000 points
2000 points 2000 points
4000 points 4000 points

Ranking & Administration Points

  • Rank advancement (+50)
  • Membership anniversary (+50)
  • Pilot birthday (+50)

Operational Points

  • Online flight (+1 per hour)
  • Distance flown (+1 per 500nm)
  • Flight completion (+2)
  • Flight rotation (+2)
  • Participation in online event (+10, but may vary per event)
  • Conformance to scheduled flight duration within 2% (+2)
  • Conformance to scheduled flight duration within 5% (+1)